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Free State Inspiration
This was in today's Concord Monitor. Interesting, to say the least...

Free State inspiration
Dan Schroth Piermarocchi, Pittsfield
By For the Monitor
December 18, 2010

To the good citizens of the Free State Project: Thank you for setting an example.

Many of us would gladly trade the protections society has bestowed on us for the liberty to live as we choose without harming our neighbor. Here in Pittsfield we have started the Free Town Project.

We have drawn up a petition to repeal the 1988 zoning ordinance. It has been signed and delivered to Paul Skowron, our very capable town administrator. He has assured me this will receive a hearing and be on the ballot come March. The way I figure it, the cops own the roads, the IRS still owns part of our pay, our fire chief, Gary Johnson, still wants you to get a fire permit, and Dan Kramer, our building inspector, still wants you to get a building permit. If we repeal zoning we get everything else. This almost has the taste of freedom.

You know the song "Uprising" by Muse? I think we are going to use that for our campaign theme song. I hope to meet some members of your group. You are always welcome in Pittsfield. You have been inspiring.




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