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Curious... what gave you the impression that Ernesta wasn't interested in being there? That seating also reminds me a little of Promentory... although they had the banquette seatting on both sides of the main dining room but I really like that set up and I think it helps to seat a few more if need-be.

The only (rare) smiles looked obviously put on. Everything felt rushed... not the tempo of the songs, but the pace of the whole set. The band played a couple songs first. She came and sat down in the front (no socializing) after the set started and when she left, she was gone before I could blink. Even as she sang, though she had skill, it was almost as though she felt like she shouldn't be there. One thing was obvious: she was not pleased with the people who were smoking. There was a fan on the stage which she turned on and aimed at the people who were smoking so that the smoke would blow back at them.

As for the seating, I'd have to draw a picture, but it wasn't quite like the promentory. There were no chairs on the 'outside', just round tables in front of the bench. Also it went the whole way up to and beside the stage. I'll draw ya a picture when I get home ;)


Sadly, Ernesta died a couple of years ago, in Malaysia. She had been performing a bit at Sappho, here in Taipei. As I'm a co-owner of the club, we held a memorial gig for her, which was well attended by many of her friends.

Ernesta, RIP.

Wow... I'm sorry to hear of her passing. RIP Ernesta..........

Ack.. and CJW in Shanghai, too. What is it with China-based jazz club franchises???

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